High Performance Hosting for Business

Netscan provides comprehensive internet solutions for business, from enterprise grade autoscaling cloud services and corporate brand protection to cost-effective shared hosting and domain name management.

Operating from offices in London, the company has grown rapidly from its origins in Cheshire in 1998 and now has customers all over the world. The business has grown on the strength of high-quality services and round-the-clock support from world-class technicians – virtues clients expect and depend on.

Our G-Cloud offering provides public sector organisations with access to the power, security and resilience of the Netscan cloud platform – one of the fastest, safest and most cost-effective in the UK.

Netscan specialises in service provision and management for Central Government, Local Government, Health and Education.


Good news spreads fast

Driving Netscan’s business strategy is an ethos of premium business hosting and cloud hosting services at fair prices, tailored to individual budgets and business needs.

The company’s technical infrastructure undergoes constant improvement, with cutting-edge servers, failsafe redundancy backups and industry-leading data centres.

More than half of new clients arrive via recommendation, validating Netscan’s unwavering commitment to quality.